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  • Friday, June 18, 2021
  • 7:30 PM - 9:00 PM
  • Zoom, Eastern Time
  • 35


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We live in tumultuous times. They are tumultuous because of a paradigm shift. Western modernity, characterized by the subject/object split struggles to engage with the necessary re- weaving of the psyche to know that we are all part of one planet, conjoined to it and within it. 

Put another way, the gender split severing of masculine from feminine, in which the earth is considered feminine and lesser, must give way to a new consciousness of connection and  participation. Some call this a rise of feminine consciousness because it is a new valuing of what patriarchal modernity tried to cast out as ‘the feminine,’: body, Eros, sexuality, nature, matter,  the irrational, the unconscious, the other, material creativity. 

The new feminine consciousness is one that includes and honors the masculine just as its matter is inspired or inspirited matter, the body as creative participant in individuation, the planet as  immanence connected to transcendence. Put another way, such feminine consciousness is art,  art-fullness, individuated, embodied, ecstatic, Dionysian, collective and eco-centric. It is more  than Jung’s reconciliation of Eros and Logos for it recognizes as he did not, that modernity has to radically re-form. One important way of engaging with the transformative potency of the  feminine consciousness is through Jungian Arts-based Research because it de-centers Logos as  the dominant mode of knowing and being.

Arts-based research exists already in the academy as wholly separate from depth psychology  while unwittingly implying Jungian ontology and epistemology of the psychic image. ABR provides a different research paradigm to that of classical science or qualitative Social Sciences  inquiry. Adding Jung to ABR means that psychically dynamic art-making goes further than  individual individuation. It is doing psychotherapy with the world. Jungian ABR is therefore the  feminine conscious made active and socially transformative. This lecture will conclude by  situating Jungian ABR (constructing feminine consciousness) within Transdisciplinarity as  designed by Basarab Nicolescu. Transdisciplinarity takes feminine consciousness into twenty-first century scholarship in which there are no hierarchies that serve to ‘other’ traditional or bodily or indigenous knowledges, other races, cultures, groups or beings. The Workshop will explore how  and why to do Jungian ABR using examples and experiential knowing. 

Both Lecture and Workshop are based on my new book, Jungian Arts-Based Research and The Nuclear Enchantment of New Mexico with Joel Weishaus from Routledge:

Susan Rowland (PhD) is Core Faculty at Pacifica Graduate Institute, California where she co-Chairs the MA Engaged Humanities and the Creative life. Previously Professor of English and Jungian Studies at the University of Greenwich, UK, she has published extensively on Jung, literary theory, gender, myth, literature and detective fiction. Her books include, Jung: A Feminist Revision (2002); Jung as a Writer (2005), The Ecocritical Psyche (2012), Remembering Dionysus (2017) and Jungian Literary Criticism: the Essential Guide (2019). Her new book is Jungian Arts-based Research and the Nuclear Enchantment of New Mexico (2020), Founding chair of the International Association for Jungian Studies (IAJS) in 2003, Susan lives in California with digital literary artist, Joel Weishaus. Her Jungian arts-based research practice is writing mystery novels. Email:

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