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Our programs are being offered online, via Zoom,

Links will be in your registration confirmation email. They will also be sent out at least 12 hours before the program starts. If you have not received the Zoom link for a program you have paid for 12 hours before its start time, please reach out directly to, thank you.

Registration closes at NOON the day before the program begins.

You can take a look at our mini quick guide about Zoom here - HOW TO USE ZOOM


Saturday, July 27 | 12:00pm - 2:00pm, Eastern Time

Better Living through Alchemy or Dying with Life, The C.G. Jung Birthday Fundraising Lecture With August J. Cwik, Psy.D.

We began this during the shutdown—if you are in a condition where you need a gift, then please accept this lecture as a gift from us.  If you are in a position to support others (including the Jung Society of Washington!) then please leave a donation.  Every donation is helpful.  Our goals are three-fold:  We want to continue to provide great programs for you and we want to continue to provide Jungian lecturers with a fair recompense for their scholarship.  Finally, we use donations to provide scholarships for people who study Jung, but need some help.  So decide what level of support you are able to give, or what support you need, and proceed accordingly.  We are grateful for all donations!

Program Description:

Alchemy can be experienced as quite esoteric and off-putting.  It is the ancient art of turning lead into gold.  Psychologically, it is turning negative experience into something of great value.  Fear not.  We are going to approach an alchemical series as one might a “symbolic graphic novel,” portraying relational individuation and the embodiment of spirit.

Jung outlined his view of the transference in his essay, “The Psychology of the Transference.”  Using the first series of alchemical plates from the Rosarium Philosophorum, The Rosary of the Philosophers, he explicated the basic form and vicissitudes of the analytic situation.  But there is a second series of 10 plates, which (for whatever reason) Jung found not so interesting.  This series could be understood as an approach to a conscious, mindful death.

The entirety of this alchemical series can be understood as a template, not just for understanding the analytic process, but for the greater dynamic of ‘”dying with life.”  Through this endeavor the Jung Society of Washington might be able to make some gold as we make more soul.  


Four Tuesdays, August 6 - 27 | 7:00pm - 8:30pm, Eastern Time

Emerald: A Consideration of Poetry and Ideas: A Course With James Hollis

Over four classes we will examine a range of poems and poets whose work raises philosophical and existential questions. 

For the first hour of each class, I will survey the poems and offer a reading and review of them. In the remainder, I’ll invite the class members to ask questions or respond to the issues raised with their own perspectives.

The texts for discussion will be provided upon registration for the course.


Four Wednesdays, August 7-28 | 7:30pm - 9:30pm, Eastern Time

Exploring the Tarot II: From Image to Symbol in Divination and Individuation, A Course With Ken James

The Tarot, a seventy-eight-card deck used for divination, has been a companion of humanity for centuries. Its history is difficult to ascertain with certainty, adding to its enigmatic quality.  In this second Tarot course, the Major and Minor Arcana will be viewed from the perspectives of images and symbols and the psychological reality of both. We will also explore ways the Tarot can become an essential ally in enhancing consciousness.

The Tarot can be used for divination and for deepening our process of individuation. We will explore various dimensions of Tarot symbolism, including color, number, suits, and common elements across cards, as well as amplify the Rider-Waite-Smith deck with selected cards from other decks.

(Read More on the Program Page!)


Saturday, August 17 | 11:00am - 2:00pm, Eastern Time

Personal Narrative: Transforming Haunting Ghosts Into Healing Ghosts, A Workshop With Dennis Patrick Slattery

Rather than conceptualize the power of ghosts that haunt us, I offer a personal narrative of ghost energies that have shaped my life for decades. In the creation of this story, I discovered the single most central archetype that has given this ghostly presence its unlimited energy. James Hollis’s illuminating text, Hauntings: Dispelling the Ghosts Who Run Our Lives, has been a major inspiration in these reflections. It led me to consider an alternative to dispelling our ghosts: inviting them in as guests. The shift from haunting ghosts to healing guests can offer a new story to live by, one that constructs our identity more fully and generously on our individuation pilgrimage. (Read more on his program page!)


Friday, August 23 | 7:30pm - 9:00pm, Eastern Time

An Evening With John Pellitteri: The Image In The Emotion: An Emotional Intelligence Perspective on Analytical Psychology

Jung noted in Memories, Dreams, Reflections the importance of seeing the “image in the emotion” as a process of his own healing and recognized the “translation of emotions into images” as beneficial in therapy. From this starting point, we will take an emotional lens to Jung’s work, discussing how feelings and emotions are embedded in some of his central ideas, such as “feeling-toned” complexes, the feeling function of his psychological types, and the process of transformation in analytical psychotherapy. 

Jung’s work finds wisdom in emotions and their interconnection with images that predates current theories of emotional intelligence.  Insight into emotions can be a key to the mysteries of the psyche and a path to greater depth-oriented awareness.  Finding the images in emotions indicates a highly advanced understanding of the extensive nature of emotions as dynamic processes and links emotions to metaphors, symbols, and dream material.  (Read more on his program page!)


Four Tuesdays, September 3-24, 2024, 7:30pm - 9:30pm, Eastern Time

The Red Book: A Course With Nancy Furlotti

The Red Book, or Liber Novus, is C.G. Jung’s seminal work on investigating and experiencing the unconscious firsthand, a challenge that took focus, strength, and curiosity to endure all that the unconscious presented to him. It was no easy task, and as he said upon reflection, it was the basis for all his later work. 

The Collected Works emerged out of these early and personal experiences as a way to describe the process of individuation and Jung’s theory of analytical psychology. What we see in action is the process of active imagination: descending into the vision initiated from the unconscious and entering into dialogue with the many figures that inhabited his inner world, as a way to reveal his shadow and complexes and to establish a relationship with the Self, as he later described it. 

The Red Book consists of visions or fantasies -- what he saw and experienced -- and his understanding of these interactions. It reflects his interpretation and elaboration, subjectively and objectively, of general psychological principles. Then we have the gorgeous paintings, which came later but are an important part of his process.  (Read more on her program page!)



Please note, by agreeing to enroll in an online program offered by the Jung Society of Washington, you are also agreeing to comply with our terms. This means that you cannot record (through internal or external devices) the audio, visuals (photos), or video of the program. The intellectual property belongs to the Jung Society of Washington, and we ask you not to violate this policy. Also, we highly value the anonymity of the content of the program, of the presenters, and of individuals present in the program, and hope that everyone can contribute to a respectful and trust-building online environment.  The Jung Society of Washington is not a therapeutic institution. We do not conduct therapy at all. We are not insured to manage therapeutic material in our programs, even if the presenter is a therapist. For this reason, it is important that people do not bring their therapeutic issues into the discussions at our programsThank you!



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Our Jung Society Library has been formed over several decades thanks to generous contributions of the members of Jung Society of Washington. It now contains more than 3000 books, including Carl G. Jung The Collected Works and classics of Jungian studies.  It is a serious, scholarly collection with many rare and unusual items, but it also contains more general and popular works, as well as a fair amount of relevant cultural materials. Become a Member of the Jung Society and get library borrowing privileges.


Jung Society of Washington works in close collaboration with the local Jungian Analysts. Many of them are the Faculty that leads classes and programs at the Jung Society. If you are interested in connecting with the analysts please visit JAWA (Jungian Analysts of Washington Association) website by clicking the logo below.

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Images of mandalas throughout this site were created by Carl Jung's patients between the years 1926 and 1945.
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