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The Jung Society  of Washington is dedicated to the experience of the Self and serves the "still small voice" of human longing (sometimes called "holy longing") that comes to us in our dreams and in moments of silence, contemplation, creativity, and imagination. Our programs support the exploration of our own psychic depths and the "heroic struggle" for personality integration and wholeness that Dr. Carl Gustav Jung called "individuation." We offer lectures, courses, workshops, evenings with distinguished analysts, that help guide our unique inner venture.


Join us this coming Saturday, November 18, 2pm - 4pm for The Family Tree presentation by Karen Branan


Karen Branan, an investigative journalist, will discuss her book, The Family Tree, a true story of her families' involvement in all sides of a Georgia lynching.  She'll reveal how she got the story, including the role of dreams, and how the journey transformed her, as well as the ways the book continues to bring her together with unknown cousins, both Black and White.    

"I appreciate Karen Branan's courage and integrity.  It will take her and many more of similar character to truly begin the healing of our country, which still believes it wears the white hat in the country's melodrama .”
- Dr. James Hollis

"A gripping story of privilege and power, anger, and atonement, The Family Tree transports readers to a small Southern town steeped in racial tension and bound by powerful family ties. Branan takes us back in time to the Civil War, demonstrating how plantation politics and the Lost Cause movement set the stage for the fiery racial dynamics of the twentieth century, delving into the prevalence of mob rule, the rise of the Ku Klux Klan and the role of miscegenation in an unceasing cycle of bigotry."
- From Georgia Center for the Book

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    The Jung Society provides continuing education for the human spirit. We help people find deeper meaning in everyday life. Our programs offer a wide variety of topics, taught by Jungian experts and other professionals in the disciplines of psychology, education, the humanities, and the arts. We explore educational themes from personal growth and insights to responses to love, loss, life passages, dreams, fairy-tales, the soul, psychological types, and more. 



      THE EVIL EYE: Envy and Jealousy,
      Their Meaning, Origin and Goal, Lecture and Workshop by Julie Bondanza

      Through the lens of analytic psychology, this lecture and workshop explores the role that envy and jealousy play in human relationships. We will look at their archetypal nature and the teleology of the symptoms. We will try to understand what makes us vulnerable to these emotions and ultimately, how they can lead to either destruction or transformation. Mythology, fairy tales and literature as well as dreams and examples from personal life will amplify the role that these difficult emotions play in the individuation process. 


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      Jung Society of Washington works in close collaboration with the local Jungian Analysts. Many of them are the Faculty that leads classes and programs at the Jung Society. If you are interested in connecting with the analysts please visit JAWA (Jungian Analysts of Washington Association) website by clicking the logo below.


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      Thank you so much for supporting our fundraising goal! We have raised $1,300 in September! Your contributions allowed us to cover costs of the Ron Schenk's presentation and create a beautiful Roll Up Banner! See the picture to your left. In October, we are raising money for starting an online courses platform. This will add a whole new dimension to your learning opportunities. We also raise funds for the Jung Library ABC project. We want to alphabetize the Jung Society Library so you can easily find a book you need. If you want to volunteer for this project, please email at oxana@jung.org Of course we’ll have a Library ABC party for all the volunteers!
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      The Jung Society of Washington brings the general public and professional community the insights and tools of analytic psychology and related disciplines. Through programs, classes, visiting speakers, partnerships with like organizations, and digital media, the Jung Society creates a platform for communal discussion regarding the personal and cultural issues that confront us. The tools these programs provide assist individuals, relationships, and societies in a dialogue that enhances understanding the unconscious dynamics that course through personal lives, cultural problems, and historic patterns.

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      The Jung Society of Washington is a nonprofit educational institution. Although many of the Jung Society's programs involve analytical psychology and allied subjects, these offerings are intended, and should be viewed, as a source of information and education, and not as therapy. The Jung Society does not offer psychoanalytical or other mental health services.
      Images of mandalas throughout this site were created by Carl Jung's patients between the years 1926 and 1945.

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