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The Jung Society  of Washington, dedicated to the experience of the Self, serves the "still small voice" of human longing (sometimes called "holy longing") that comes to us in our dreams and in moments of silence, contemplation, creativity, and imagination. Our programs support the exploration of our own psychic depths and the "heroic struggle" for personality integration and wholeness that Dr. Carl Gustav Jung called "individuation." We offer lectures, courses, workshops, evenings with distinguished analysts, that help guide our unique inner venture. Read about our Programs here.

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It feels more important than ever to become fully aware of ourselves and the world around us. Thank you for exploring with us

First, Fall registration is now open! Please join us as we dive into an exciting line up of programs...

Second, we got an overwhelming response to our call to join us for the next year of the Jungian Studies Reading Seminar. We've hit the limit on admissions, so the program is closed for the year; however, if you're interested, please send us an email and we will happily start a waitlist for the next seminar-year.

With our best wishes to you for a lovely summer!

Fall 2017

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The Interpretation of Dreams, by James Hollis, Ph. D.

A Four-Session Course, beginning September 12

We spend up to a third of our lives in the underworld of sleep, and we average six dreams per night. While many psychologists find such autonomous psychic production the random firing of neurons, careful observers, equipped with a knowledge of metaphor and symbol, discern that careful tracking of these phenomena leads us to perspectives on our lives far different from that observed by the ego. In this course we will learn dream theory, methods of interpretation, and actual practice working together on dream material.                                                                      

James Hollis, Ph.D. is a Jungian analyst in private practice in Washington, D.C., Executive Director of the Jung Society of Washington, and author of fourteen books.





Friday evening lecture: Anima mundi and American soul: Complexity Theory and the “Trump” Phenomenon

This presentation lays out the concepts of soul, anima mundi or world soul, and American soul and relates them to the new science of complexity.  We then look at how the “Trump” phenomenon serves as an alchemical “emergence” from the interaction of multiple systems in the cultural soul.

Saturday Workshop, Part 1: The Soul of Terror/ The Terror of Soul

Across cultures and throughout the ages the quality we call “terror” has marked humankind’s encounter with aspects of psychological life larger than consciousness can hold. This presentation, accompanied by images, will be an exploration of the archetypal basis of a phenomenon that has caught contemporary fascination, while its roots extend into the depths of the psyche.

Saturday Workshop, Part 2: An Overview of America's Involvement in the Middle East

Archetypes such as "terror" do not appear randomly, rather, there are specific conscious attitudes and actions which evoke them. In the cultural sphere we might call these attitudes and actions cultural complexes. The history of American involvement in the Middle East has been marked by such complexes; we explore these in Part 2 of the workshop.


Ronald Schenk, MSW, Ph.D., trained in Jungian Analysis with the Inter-Regional Society of Jungian Analysts, where he has been a senior training analyst for many years and acted in several administrative capacities, most recently serving as President. Ron practices in Dallas and Houston, and teaches at various institutions around the country.  His interests are in clinical training, cultural psychology, and post-modernism. In addition to numerous essays on a variety of topics, most recently cities, anger, language, and complexity theory, he has published four books—The Soul of Beauty: A Psychological Investigation of Appearance; Dark Light: The Appearance of Death in Everyday Life; The Sunken Quest, The Wasted Fisher; The Pregnant Fish: Post-modern Reflections on Depth Psychology and American Soul: A Cultural Narrative.

What's Next:

12 Sep 2017 7:00 PM • The Sanctuary Room, Palisades Community Church, 5200 Cathedral Ave., N.W., Washington, D.C. 20016
14 Sep 2017 7:30 PM • The Library at the Jung Society, 5200 Cathedral Ave., N.W., Washington D.C. 20008
15 Sep 2017 7:30 PM • The Library at the Jung Society, 5200 Cathedral Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20016

If you're thinking of working with a Jungian analyst, the Jungian Analysts of Washington Association (JAWA) website lists analysts in the District of Columbia, in Maryland, and in Virginia. They also offer CE-bearing educational programs for therapists and non-therapists.

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The Jung Society of Washington is a nonprofit educational institution. Although many of the Jung Society's programs involve analytical psychology and allied subjects, these offerings are intended, and should be viewed, as a source of information and education, and not as therapy. The Jung Society does not offer psychoanalytical or other mental health services.

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Images of mandalas throughout this site were created by Carl Jung's patients between the years 1926 and 1945.

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