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a container for the psyche in an uncertain world

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The Jung Society of Washington is dedicated to nourishing the human spirit and to serving the longing that comes to us in our dreams and in moments of hardship, imagination, struggle, and creativity. We support the exploration of our own psychic depths and the primal impulse for personality integration that Dr. Carl Gustav Jung called "individuation". With a psychological lens, we deepen the discussion of social issues, history, and current events. We encourage the development of greater self-awareness and creative expression—individually, in relationships, and within the community. 


The Jung Society of Washington is guided by a desire to enhance a deeper understanding of the unconscious dynamics that course through our personal lives, our culture, and our historic patterns. Through programs, classes, visiting speakers, online media, and partnerships with like-minded organizations, we strive to create a forum where the principles, insights, and tools of analytical psychology are accessible to both the general public and to professionals. Our goal is to provide continuous education for living a purposeful and creative life and for building a more conscious and thoughtful community.

An Important Message from The Jung Society

The Jung Society provides the general public and the professional community with the insights and tools of analytical psychology and related disciplines. Through programs, classes, visiting speakers, partners in like organizations, and electronic media, the Jung Society provides a platform for communal discussion regarding the personal and professional issues that confront us. The tools that these programs provide assist individuals, relationships, and societies in a dialogue that enhances understanding the unconscious dynamics that course through personal lives, cultural problems, and historic patterns.





Lectures are the programs that serves the largest audience at the lowest price; it's a 90-minute program, including Q & A.

Workshops are generally half-day programs, each unique to the presenter, but designed for large groups, and participants are generally encouraged to bring their journals.

Courses are comprised of four to six class sessions held weekly.  Because of their size, James Hollis' are 90-minutes and held in the church sanctuary; all others are two hours and held in the Jung Society Library.

Film Nights
are usually intended for small groups and held in the Jung Society Library.

An Evening With . . . is a 90-minute (usually) salon, held in the Jung Society Library, where attendance is limited to 20 or fewer.

A Day With . . .  can be a half-day or longer program, also held in the intimate space of the Jung Society Library.

today and as we move forward

Each year, Jung Society of Washington is proud to offer:

  • More than one hundred classes, programs, and workshops rooted in analytical psychology, the expressive arts, and the humanities to over one thousand new and returning students.
  • Special programs honoring the birthday and death date of Carl Jung.

The psychological rule says that when an inner situation is not made conscious, it happens outside as fate. That is to say, when the individual remains undivided and does not become conscious of his inner opposite, the world must perforce act out the conflict.

 - Carl Jung, Aion, CW 9ii


5200 Cathedral Ave., NW
Washington, DC 20016


Our staff is part time and we are currently working from home. 

You can reach us with any questions at


The library is open by appointment only. 

Please contact us through and we will assist you.

The Jung Society of Washington is a nonprofit educational institution. Although many of the Jung Society's programs involve analytical psychology and allied subjects, these offerings are intended, and should be viewed, as a source of information and education, and not as therapy. The Jung Society does not offer psychoanalytical or other mental health services.
Images of mandalas throughout this site were created by Carl Jung's patients between the years 1926 and 1945.
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